Hanna Cohen, an Israeli painter blessed with originality, lives in Raanana.
Her paintings express her deep emotions towards Jewish and Israeli heritage.
These emotions, so obvious in her work, radiate depth of thought, intellectual integrity and optimistic human approach. Hanna Cohen uses color with subtle strokes, and the composition of her paintings are moving and drives the beholder to immerse in meaningful deep thoughts. In her series “On guard of home”, Hanna Cohen implies to the dark shadow of the Holocaust, on the background of the rebirth of the Jewish people and their honest wish to preserve their private and national home. In the series “Light at the end of the tunnel” Hanna Cohen expresses her thoughts and feelings about mankind’s cravings for light, happiness, freedom and peace. Her series “Pharos” and “fields of the heart” are personal impressions of nature and landscapes, radiating optimism and hope. The series “The other side of the forest” brings an extraordinary powerful view of the role of trees in landscape painting and the strong ties Man has with his homeland. Hanna Cohen uses Acrylic paints on canvas and oil pastels on paper, in a decorative and abstract style. She is a winner of the Striechman prize for painters. Her works were shown to the public in numerous exhibitions around Israel.

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workshop: Art gallery-Hanna Cohen
34 Ma'avar le-Yam St. Givat Hen

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